Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Help Find a Cure

Hello everyone. Every year millions are affected by debilitating and harsh diseases such as breast cancer, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, and muscular dystrophy. Others are affected either through disease or from accidents and develop paralysis. As of this date, none have been cured and a cure could still be a long way off. But fret not, researchers are working diligently to find cures for these diseases and conditions. The biggest drawback is in the funding. It is reported from the head of the National Institute of Health, or N.I.H., that funding could reach an all time low. This is where individuals like you can come in and take up the cause, whether through fundraisers or just in donating. 

One way we want to help is through donations to various disease research and development facilities and organizations that are on the cutting edge toward finding a cure. Our non-profit company, Candlelight Foundation Incl, uses only these types of research institutes that receive mostly funding from private donations toward finding a cure. We are called Candlelight Foundation because candles provide light just as there is a light at the end of the tunnel of hope for finding these cures. With your help, we can all do our part. The proceeds go to these very research and development institutes. Visitors can choose which disease research that their proceeds will go to. Almost everyone has either known someone, had someone a friend has known, or even themselves has been afflicted by one of these diseases or conditions.

The point of this blog is to increase awareness as well as to help raise funds to help find a cure. At Candlelight Foundation Inc., we believe in finding cures. That's why a motto of ours is For the Cure. Feel free to browse our site or just post on this blog any concerns or thoughts that you have in this area of disease research as well as any personal experiences you may have that you feel free to share. Everyone is welcome and none will be discriminated against. Please keep the responses on point and absolutely DO NOT chide or berate anyone else's posts. Thank you, Justin Roth.


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  1. I just found another article from the Dallas Morning News stating that since funding is increasingly diminishing, that certain areas of research are going to have to get money from other areas of research just to keep up. Here is the article.