Friday, January 6, 2012

Just as Alzheimers is Debilitating, it's Debilitating to Find a Cure When Funding is Low

At least that's what the numbers state. Alzheimers affects more people than the top 2 cancers to affect each sex, breast cancer and prostate cancer, as well as HIV/AIDS as well. However, funding for the disease is less than those 3. Researchers have cited a lack of finding a cure to the low funding.

Last year, in 2011, the National Institute of Health spent billions on cancer research and HIV/AIDS, while only $480 million on Alzheimers, despite the fact that more people have been not only affected by but killed by it as well than the others.

U.S. Representative Ed Markey, whose wife succumbed to the disease, is backing the National Alzheimers Project Act (NAPA) to increase funding. One of the reasons he states for lack of attention is because those affected and those giving them care have less access to Washington due to the debilitating effects. Other reasons may include a bias towards diseases that affect younger adults, a stigma on diseases affecting the mind, and refusing to admit to having the disease, Alzheimers.

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