Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Statistics of Giving Over 3 Years and Then Some

We're going to travel into the past. Not the distant past, but the somewhat immediate past. A past that encompasses times that we can all easily recall. That's right, we're talking about the past few years. We're going to cover the actual giving statistics from 2008 to February of 2011. This will give us a better look than just taking a single year and will put everything, modern giving, into a better perspective.

In 2009, the recession was in full swing, so as per logic, donations were down 6%. This can be expected as there is a correlation between giving and the stock market; giving increases at roughly 1/3 of the rate of stock growth as a whole. So, this accounted for a gross of $228.5 billion. And of that where do you think that the majority comes from. Again, if you said individuals like yourself, you would be correct again. In fact, individuals make up a majority somewhere in the neighborhood of 75%, with foundations, bequests, and corporations making up the rest in respective descending order.

As to households, 65% give to charity with the average being over $2,200. That's the average, but households with a high net worth, actually not only paid more taxes, but were the largest proponents of giving at 98%.

2011 should have been a good year, even though the statistics haven't been released as of yet in this early year. This is based on the government announcing the end of the recession after 2010 and the stock markets were predicted to rebound.

One final note, online donating has been on the rise as it rose by 5% back in 2009. That number surely increased in 2010 and 2011 due to apps arising all the time on Facebook, which was one of the largest hubs of online giving. Expect good things for funding in 2012 and beyond as there are ever increasing avenues of giving to be found if we just go online in the convenience of our home.

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