Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Map Toward the Road to an M.S. Cure? This is Way More Than Some Yellow Brick Road

The Scripps Research Institute has discovered a receptor, S1P1 receptors to be more precise, that could be a road map to lead the way towards an M.S. cure as well as cures for other diseases. Well, it's actually more of  a fully enhanced, virtual image at this time, however this receptor is critical in the onset and progression of multiple sclerosis and other diseases. Yet, don't let that sway your view on this receptor, it is vital towards good health, such as the release of white blood cells.

Understanding its structure is pivotal to understanding certain facets of health, as well as, sickness. Small changes within this structure can have profound effects. So, scientists are hopeful that the study of S1P1 will not only let them determine the onset and spread of diseases in and of itself, but also to similar other structures that play a part. Why only know the road that you're on, when you can know the entire countryside?

The hopes are that one day, researchers and the medical industry will know exactly how to decimate this deadly disease along with others in which S1P1 plays a part.

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