Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Blood Test Could Act as Biopsy Lite

Scientists that the Scripps Research Institute have discovered a way to use an advanced blood test to detect CTC's, or circulating tumor cells, that break away from solid tumors in the blood stream. It will allow doctors to monitor, predict, and understand the progression of tumors much better than they do at this time.

The HD-CTC test isolates cancer cells in differentiation from red and white blood cells that are healthy. They then use digital microscopes and image-processing algorithms to study the morphologies, which are the size and shape of the cells to fully differentiate the cancer cells from the regular cells.

5 new studies from California and the Netherlands have shown the accuracy and effectiveness both in identifying cancer cells but also one day they hope to be able to early diagnose patients with cancer as well as improving the research within a lab setting.

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