Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Could Something in Plastics Hold a Link to Some Breast Cancers?

You drink that water out of a plastic bottle while you open up the wrapping of your lunch. There's not much time left on your lunch break with so much going on. Could what you just did actually be more harmful to you than say, the afternoon commute home everyday? Researchers at UCLA are trying to figure that out.

Bisphenol A, or B.P.A., has been linked to cancer in animal studies and now UCLA is getting a $450,000 grant from Susan G. Komen to study whether this chemical found in plastic water bottles and food packaging, amongst other things, increases one's risk for breast cancer.

This new move is part of the planned $66 million in new research, patient support, and scientific conferences Susan G. Komen is spending this year. Since 1982, Susan G. Komen has invested a gross amount of $685 million in breast cancer research, making them the largest breast cancer organization in the world.

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